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  • 6 Advantages of Having Content Writing Services On Your Side

    Posted on June 19th, 2015 Consuelo Jarrett No comments

    images 1Establishing a good website online is a tough task. For those that are just starting out, this is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. The reason why it’s difficult is a matter of numbers. There are so many websites getting published right now, that you could easily get lost in the shuffle. No matter what niche you’ve decided to jump into, you are going to find that there are millions of people that have already thought about that. There are so many web components that you are going to find yourself losing out on the proper elements overall. With that in mind, you’re going to want to look into a few elements of content design, writing, and perhaps even hiring content writing services to take on your branding and publishing. Without them in place, you will end up losing out on the overall greatness that may come through.

    Efficient Content Updates

    The one problem with running a business and a website is that there are lapses in content. No matter how hard you fight, you’re going to run out of time here and there. When that occurs, you may find yourself struggling to move forward with the right elements. It’s for that reason that you should look into managing better content updates overall. The better the content updates you have in place, the higher the traffic that is going to hit your page. It’s a positive endeavor well worth pursuing on a lot of levels. Without content design in place, you are going to lose out big time.

    Proper SEO Protocol

    When hiring content writing services, SEO should be a standard. Without search engine optimization in place, you will end up disrupting the greater good that comes from marketing online. You have to have the elements in place to create gravity to your site. Proper protocol requires a great deal of implementation, and it’s not isolated to just one arena. There’s a lot of elements that come into play here, so that when you publish content, you get attention thrown at it. There’s nothing worse than publishing a great deal of content, and getting ignored. Instead of going that route, simply hire a good writing staff and that’ll be it.

    Creating Narrative

    Perhaps one of the most overlooked things in regards to content writing services is this, narrative. Narration isn’t always a linear novelization, it’s something that is used to create information. Your pages are going to tell a story. What story they tell is a matter of the writing that you have in place. If you are going to hire a professional, have them work within a variety of different narratives. That way you will end up with a positive movement forward. Without this in place, your work can look disjointed and that’s not going to help your cause moving forward.

    Earning Back Links

    One of the most important aspects of content writing services and the publishing you can do, is back links. These are links that you are going to be earning as a result of what you put up on your website. When you publish good content, and it comes through a stream of consciousness, you will get a lot of attention. Too often, people dismiss this, but when you see the links come through, your rankings will rise. People put up content all the time, and when you are strong in this area, they link to you as a source. Imagine getting a reference from “The New York Times”, or something like that. It happens more often than you think, and it’s content writers that can pull those strings, albeit, with their publishing over time.

    Distributing Information (Search Engines)

    If nothing else, you are going to find that the major advantage of having a team is the search engine push. You will be distributing information across the internet. Remember, search engines are looking at ranking relevant data. If your pages are updated continually with relevant keyword elements, and information on your topic that others are not posting, you will get rewarded handsomely. It’s something that you absolutely want to look into, as it will pay off dividends in due time. As you look at your competition, and you trump their posts, you will reap the rewards of getting to the top of the niche that you’re in, guaranteed.

    Showcasing Professionalism

    Professionalism matters when updating a website. If you want to ensure that people know you’re serious, then this is important. Make sure that you look at content writing services for this. Professional looking pages are important to consider overall. Professional elements are going to highlight several advantages when moving forward. If you aren’t sure what this looks like, consider the top pages in the world. They are the top for a reason. As you break down the reasons why those pages are getting attention, you will see that content is the main key point. Emulating them can help, but it’s best to hire a good content service to help you out here.


  • Tracing the Origins of Challenge Coins

    Posted on March 19th, 2015 Karen Cruz No comments

    Challenge coins are small medallions that are usually given to military men. They normally contain a certain organization’s logo and motto. These coins also indicate a person’s membership to a particular group.

    There are many stories telling how these coins have started. Some sources say that these items originated during the time of the Roman Empire. It has been said that Ancient Romans would award them to exceptional soldiers.

    The first challenge coins featured a specific legion’s logo to differentiate them from monetary coins. The reason for putting such containing special markings is to prevent soldiers from spending the coins. Legion authorities wanted them to keep the coins as souvenirs instead.

    Another story argues that these coins started during the First World War. The story is all about an unnamed American pilot. It is believed that a rich squadron member gave bronze medallions to every pilot in his unit. The unnamed American pilot attached the given medallion in a small leather pouch and he placed it around his neck.

    challenge coinsWhen the battle finally came, his fighter plane was shot down by the enemies. It landed in a German territory and the pilot was eventually captured by German soldiers. All the pilot’s belongings were taken away from him, except the pouch carrying the medallion.

    When the British military besieged the area, he managed to escape. He later arrived in an area surrounded by French forces. They suspected him as a German spy and that’s why they detained him. To prove that he’s an American ally, he presented the bronze medallion containing his squadron’s emblem. The French soldiers recognized the emblem and it eventually stopped them from executing the pilot.

    The incident made the soldiers realize the importance of the coin. After that incident, they started carrying medallions regularly. These coins later became tools for identifying them. The way they would present these medallions became known as “challenging”.

    Some sources say that the concept of “challenge” using these medallions started during the Second World War. It is believed that the American soldiers in Germany would use these items to challenge each other. The one who can’t show his coin would often buy drinks for those who challenged him.

    There are also several stories proving the relevance of these objects during WWII. It has been said that these items were used by the members of the Office of Strategic Services who were stationed in France for verification purposes. Another story explains that an American soldier would often show his silver medallion to Filipino Anti-Japanese Guerillas every time they will meet.

    Giving and owning these items eventually became a norm among military personnel.

    One of the known military leaders who gave medallions to his fellow soldiers was Col. William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn. He gave one to each member of his 17th Infantry Regiment who served during the Korean War.

    These medallions became even more popular after the wars. Those who are not part of the military were able to own these items too.

    Nowadays, even other government agencies (e.g. Congress) are giving these items to their members. Some US Presidents such as Clinton, Bush and Obama have received challenge coins from various people as well.

    Certain private companies and even non-profit organizations are also awarding these items to people who showed excellence in their field.
    Analyzing their role in World History, it can be said that people continued using them for awarding achievers and identifying organization members.

    Since these items are now accessible to many, anyone can produce them. Today, there are many manufacturers specializing on creating customized challenge coins. People can also get them for an affordable price.

  • How to Act During Funerals

    Posted on March 9th, 2015 Elmer Roybal No comments

    Funerals aren’t for the dead; they’re held for the living. It’s a time for the deceased’s friends, family members, and loved ones to gather and lay a beloved to rest.

    How do you act while in a funeral (Knoxville, TN)?

    During the Wake

    The funeral wake often takes place in the evening, and is held prior to the actual funeral service at the funeral parlor or a close relative’s home. It’s a good chance to comfort the family of the deceased at these times.

    If you were just informed about the funeral, make sure that the funeral isn’t a “family only” or a “private” affair.

    Funeral Knoxville TNWhen you arrive, simply offer your condolences to the grieving family. Introduce yourself properly if the family don’t know you well. It’s a great deal for the bereaved to hear sincere words from the heart. This is a trying time for them – it’s a period of mourning and loss. Speak genuine yet polite words.

    If there’s a casket present, then stand by it for a while, say a prayer or reflect on the deceased’s life. Afterwards you can mingle with other guests. You’re not required to stay too long; you just have to make your presence felt and pay your last respects. Before leaving, sign the register and provide your information for the family to see.

    Should You Bring Flowers?

    Sending flowers in a funeral (Knoxville, TN) to express one’s condolences is completely normal and even a bit expected. Flowers can be sent to the church, funeral home, or to the family of the deceased’s home. Flowers should have a card attached to them that says “With deepest sympathy” together with your name.

    Some families no longer accept flowers; instead they’d opt for donations. In this case you honor their requests.

    Dress Code

    Black is the first color in mind when it comes to dressing for funerals, but you don’t have to be black all over. As long as you come dressed in somber outfits then you’ll do just fine.

    Men should wear dark suits with simple shirts and dark-colored ties. Women should wear dresses in sober colors. Hats are ideal but are not required. High heels may look great, but will be difficult to wear while walking on soft grass.

    Some families may request that people wear a specific style or color of clothes, e.g. wear blue because it was the deceased’s favorite color, or if the deceased hated formality.

    Moments You’re Not Prepared For

    Not everyone is aware on how to express condolences properly. Some aren’t sure on how to act when in a funeral (Knoxville, TN). Be prepared for those who will attempt to discuss insensitive, awkward or inappropriate topics. Just give them the benefit of the doubt, and just bear in mind that everyone present is struggling with the loss of a loved one.

    Once faced with thoughtless questions or comments, feel free to state that you’d rather not discuss the issue. Thank those people for their presence, and simply walk away – there’s no need to suddenly storm out of the funeral (Knoxville, TN).

    Continue to Remember

    You shouldn’t let the event be just a one day affair. Of course, you’ve got to move on and accept the loss, but for the family and relatives of the deceased, the sadness and grief will only set in once they realize the void left by their loved one.

    Don’t forget them – call them weeks or months after. Give them a call. Visit them at home. From time to time they may decline your offer, but soon they’ll appreciate the efforts, and be grateful that you remember them.

    Call the family members and friends during the death anniversary of the deceased to let them know you haven’t forgotten their loved one’s passing.

    Author Bio:

    Nobody loves planning a funeral Knoxville TN residents, and those from other parts of the world understand the emotions spent while organizing a funeral service.

  • A Spotless Golf Bag

    Posted on February 5th, 2015 Anthony Olson No comments

    You can consider golf bags a good friend on the field. It provides your needs, organizes your equipment, and even holds umbrellas and refreshments for you. It is very important then to take care of your back. Let’s admit it, bags are not exactly the cheapest golfing equipment out there. Let’s make your investment last by following these simple tips.

    golf bagsClean your bag regularly. Sometimes, dirt from your golf clubs find their way into the linings of you bag, which may damage and leave a stain on the material. When mud or dirt dries up, this weakens and cracks the interior of the bag, leaving it damaged. Take a damp towel and wipe your bag to make sure there are no debris and dirt left inside. Check the corners of each compartment to ensure that there’s no dirt stuck in the edges. Remove all dirt in the pockets by turning it upside down to let debris fall down. If you’ve been playing for a long time, you would not believe the junk contained in your bag, which may range from spare change to half-eaten sandwiches. Golfers tend to think of their golf bags as their purse on the field, which is not bad, of course. But it is highly important to get rid of these unnecessary items from your compartments and pockets to avoid damages and foul smelling odours.

    You may also use soft bristled tooth brushes to prick off stuck dirt in your bags.

    Also, make sure to remove any damp or wet material that you might have left out when you’re playing. This includes web shirts worn during a play. This may cause to build up mildew and create a weird odour or a stain in your bag. Dry off your golf bags in the sun before you put anything else in these areas to avoid molding.

    For tough stains, there are a number of detergents available in the market to help you remove them. Ask your nearest shopping good stores to make sure you get a detergent that’s mild enough for your bag. Most bags are made from waterproof material so any mild detergent will do the job. Tough stains might need tougher agents, but it can easily be removed. Never use solvents when cleaning your bag. This may damage the material.

    Organize your items in the bag. Golf clubs are to be placed in golf compartments, and not hanged in straps. Put your balls in one pocket, as well as the putters. Aside from making your bag organized and your items accessible, you can also avoid damaging your equipment by segregating your items.

    Store your bag in cool dry place if you’re not using it. Keep it away from dirt or pollen that may find itself in your bag. You can also opt to put up a cover like a simple plastic or trash bag to ensure that airborne particulates wouldn’t land into your bag. By draping it over your bag, it avoids particulate accumulation over time and cause some unknowable damage. Do this if you’re not planning to use your bag for a while.

    Your bag will only last for as long as you maintain it. It’s a great investment and a must for anyone who plays regularly. It makes the golfing experience easier and better, so it’s important to keep it clean and properly maintained. To ensure its long life and durability, clean it regularly by wiping it with a cloth every now and then and organizing your materials and equipment properly inside. Also, proper storage is a key in order to maitain the long life and look of golf bags.

  • HRCI Recertification Training Produces Committed Millennials

    Posted on February 3rd, 2015 Cecil Burns No comments

    Millennials, or individuals who were born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, now make up a big portion of the workforce around the globe. Employers are reluctant to admit it, but the current professional scene has been greatly affected by the millennials’ distinct work principles— and their inclination towards jumping from one job to the next.

    Modern Values

    At first glance, millennials possess all the makings of becoming potential future leaders. They lean towards over-delivering in their duties, and they expect their leaders to return the favor. They thrive on receiving feedbacks from their bosses as well giving their own. They show no hesitations in presenting their career goals, and they expect their employer to help them accomplish these.

    Take It or Leave It

    However, although they may show a strong drive to excel in the workplace, millennials are the first to disclose that being successful in their family life and personal goals are important as well. Overall fulfillment is so crucial to them that career advancement alone is not enough. The absence of an employer’s understanding towards their personal and family ideals is deemed a good reason for millennials to give up their current jobs.

    New Trend

    This phenomenon is costly to the employers. As a result, companies are now finding ways to meet this modern workplace challenge. In the past, employee efficiency is foremost on an employer’s mind; today, ensuring the long-term commitment of their recruits is of prime importance. This is the reason why a comprehensive knowledge on the unique working and behavioral standards of millennial workers should be gained by an HR professional.

    High Turnover

    The HR professional can achieve this by obtaining a certificate in the HRCI Recertification Training Program. The increasing rate at which these millennial employees leave their jobs within a year only shows that there is a great need for the HR Professional to learn the latest methods in ensuring their commitment to their jobs and more importantly, to the company.

    Meeting Halfway

    To maximize the potential and to ensure the commitment of millennial workers, it is not enough for a company (and the HR personnel, for that matter) to show them that their contributions to the company’s goals and successes are recognized. The HR professional will learn in the HRCI Recertification Training Program that feedbacks are the millennial workers’ staple, and that they always welcome the chance to receive them. The employer should not stop there, though. Nothing motivates millenials more than the opportunity to give their own ideas on improving their work to better serve the company.

    Having It All

    HRCI Recertification TrainingMillennials give equal importance to their work, family, and personal aspirations; an adaptable working environment appeals more to them than the biggest compensation package that the company could offer. They also prosper in a workplace where, not only do they feel empowered to do their job independently, but where they are also given assurance that they are part of a team whose members work together for the organization’s success.

    Loyal Workers

    Millennials are high-achieving individuals who constantly strive to outdo themselves. This does not mean, however, that they are always on the lookout for top positions to fill. They only want to know that what they are doing has a big and positive impact on the whole organization’s success. Through the knowledge gained from the HRCI Recertification Training Program, the HR professional will be able to engage millennial employees to maintain their loyalty to their current job positions, and to set the appropriate environment for them to produce the highest quality of output they could possibly offer to their organization.

    Ultimately, a company’s expenses in sponsoring its HR professional’s application in an HRCI Recertification Training Program will have paid for itself in the long run. Retaining these hardworking millennial employees will be the company’s profitable return on investment.

  • A Storage Container Befitting an Artistic Collector

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 Kristine Dougherty No comments

    Do you love collecting things like paintings, artistic vases, figurines, dolls, or anything that takes up a lot of space? If you need something that can accommodate your collection while keeping them safe and secure, then you might want to consider getting a portable storage container.

    The metal containers have tight security features that you will surely love and appreciate. The containers are also water tight, all-weather, and durable. You can be certain that no harm will befall your precious collection.

    Storage containerYou can either rent or buy the container and there are a lot of providers to choose from, so choose wisely. It is best to rent or buy from a reputable company to get the most out of your money.

    If you are certain that you won’t need the container for a long time (perhaps an additional room for your collection is currently being built), then it is more practical to just rent the container. However, if you are going to use the container for a long time, then it is more economical to just buy the unit.

    The good things about purchasing the metal storage container are: you can alter it to your taste (mount something on the wall, add a window, and other things you want), you can take it with you when you need to move to another place, convert it into something else in case you don’t need it for your collection anymore, and other things that you can think of.

    The container has wood plank flooring and special walls. There is also a vent on either side that allows air circulation. You can modify it and add windows and air conditioning unit. It can keep the noise under control and it is a perfect venue if you want to relax and enjoy your time alone.

    For the Travelling Artist

    A travelling artist who holds exhibits in different locations can benefit a lot from the portable container. The container is durable, secure, and big enough to hold the artist’s collection for his or her exhibit. The artist just needs to hire someone to transport his or her container to the location of his or her next exhibit if he or she lacks the means to do so.

    If you are an artist or someone who holds art exhibits in different areas, then it is about time to consider using the storage container for your event.

    A Shop for Arts Supply and More

    Another good point of portable containers is that they are stackable. You can convert your container into an arts supply shop and you can even hold a demo for your clients. You can place another container on top of your container to have a second floor for your shop where you can hold demonstrations. You can ask the contractor about the most appropriate spot for your stairs and ask other suggestions.

    You may need to check first the requirements of the local authorities in the area before you can start assembling your arts supply shop made from portable containers. You can even hold a special art class in your shop and give everyone a worthwhile hobby especially the kids.

    There are lots of things that you can do with your container and you can even put it in your property. You can display your collection for everyone to see, have a shop, hold an art class, and anything else you can think of. The things you can do with your container are limited only to your imagination.

    Try a storage container and see it in a new light. It looks exactly like a box, but you need to think outside the box in order to come up with something innovative and refreshing.

    There are lots of things that you can do with your Storage container and you can even put it in your property. 

  • Benefits of Using Lanyards

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 Douglas Austin No comments

    Today’s students and employees are using ID lanyards to hold their ID cards closer to them instead of clipping it on their shirts. This still lets security and other people see who they are and if they belong to a certain company or institution.

    Lanyards at present are available in various types. They now come in different color combinations; they are even used as accessories that are purely meant to convey a sense of style. This has also made ID wearing more interesting for the younger crowd.

    Then and Now

    ID lanyardsYears ago, IDs were held to the body by clipping it on the sleeves or necktie. Wearing it on the chest allowed security guards and other people to see the person’s name and even the company and department they are affiliated with. While clips and pins have helped kept IDs in place for inspection, its clip still has some disadvantage in using it to hold the ID.

    For factory workers, ID’s are important. However, accidents have happened where IDs are caught in machineries and it’s hard for employees to take it off, especially when it’s clipped. To solve this problem, cords were used to hold the ID.

    Like how preschool children had their IDs hanged around their neck with a cord, so did employees. This has made removing and putting on their IDs easier too. It has led to a release of fashionable cords to hold IDs. However, there was another set-back with factory workers. While it helped them remove it faster, there are some who still find themselves unable to remove the cord around their neck when their IDs are caught by machines. Moreover there was also the threat of being strangled if in case the employee is unable to remove the cord around his neck.

    To solve this problem, ID lanyards came into the picture.

    Having the ID close to the chest has become easier thanks to lanyards. It has allowed IDs to be easily removed in case it got caught in machineries. It also allowed the wearer to detach the ID from the lanyard in case security needs to inspect it more.

    Lanyards for Business and brand Promotion

    There are other benefits users and even their offices get with using lanyards. The most obvious is how it is used in promotions.

    For employees and students, using ID lanyards allows people to know what institution you are connected with. If you are an office worker, the lanyard your company gave with your ID will show people where you work. If you are in the office premises, other workers can identify which department you are currently assigned in.

    There are other companies who use lanyards to help identify the worker’s position. It can help people know if the person has gained extra training in the field he is in.

    Businesses use lanyards like business cards nowadays. They flash their logos and designs and further have their lanyards customized to really give the impression of success. They even use it as giveaways during forums and seminars.

    Ever since lanyards are used to hold IDs, businesses has since then used it to their advantage. As for the employee, the stylish lanyards served more than just an ID holder but a gadget holder as well.

    Selecting the Lanyard

    ID lanyards have provided a lot of benefits from safety to business promotion. This is one of the reasons why these are made available in different materials and style. This is to help employees select a lanyard which allows them to easily label it or maintain it. With these lanyards, wearing ID has become more convenient than before.

  • Optimism for Garden City real estate NY

    Posted on January 13th, 2015 Jonathan Jose No comments

    From an economic standpoint, things look a little rosier than they did back at the height of the economic recession in 2008. In the first quarter of 2013, for example, the Gross Domestic Product in the United States grew 1.8 percent more over the previous quarter, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    But while the real estate industry needs a little more time and financial support to recuperate from the housing slump in recent years, new data reveal that everything is not heading down slope for the entire industry. According to fresh data released by the National Association of Realtors in June 2013, sales of existing homes shot up to 13 percent more than the same period last year, with the median home price increasing by 15 percent over the same period. This growth, the report indicated, was driven in large part by the demand coming from other parts of the world.

    According to a CB Richard Ellis report released this month, it was revealed that American real estate is headed to a robust growth, thanks to the inflow of real estate purchases by wealthy Chinese looking to snap up prime properties. Russia is another country that seems to favor American real estate. Experts argue that this development is brought about by the general perception overseas that American properties are good investments.

    A quick scan of Garden City real estate NY reveals reasons for the renewed hope that the market will bounce back from slump which brings optimism for Garden City real estate NY.

    American home buyers are not exactly left out of the equation. Over the past couple of years, the federal government has infused billions into the market to help potential buyers purchase a home with the help of loan guarantees, tax breaks, and subsidies. Federal aid hovers around $450 billion a year. But Smart Growth American, a non-profit organization advocating for people who want to live and work in great neighborhoods, is pushing for reinvesting part of this federal aid towards helping renters, first-time home buyers, and investments in infrastructure.

    The housing choices available for Garden City real estate NY provide potential home buyers the chance to own homes in a village teeming with vitality. As an incorporated village, Garden City has services easily accessible to its population, which is pegged at 22,371 according to 2010 census.

    The Garden City Chamber of Commerce oversees the development of the business community within the village, with the goal of preserving the “quality, character, and vitality of the greater community.” Such vitality is apparent in the myriad services available to residents in the area, including their own library, police, and fire departments.

    There are also a number of parks that serve as an ideal venue for community-building and sense of unity among people living in the village. Among the parks in the area are the Community Park, Edgemere Park, Garden City Pool, Golf Club Lane Senior Center, Grove Park, Hemlock Park, Nassau Haven Park, St. Paul’s Recreation Complex, St. Paul’s Senior Center, Stewart Field, and Tullamore Park.

    From the looks of it, the real estate industry is poised for growth, more so Garden City real estate NY where the housing choices make for smart and wise investments. This is true, especially among those looking to live in a community where basic services and utilities are easily available.

  • How to Use HCG Drops

    Posted on January 6th, 2015 Charles Graham No comments

    Commitment to one’s aims is the main input of the dieter. The dieter should not stray away from his cause or else the goal will not be reached. Particular care must be taken to limit the calorie intake of a person to 500 calories per day. The food selection must be done as per the protocol set by Dr. Simonies in the year 1950. Each part of the course must be triple checked in order to maintain perfect conditions suitable for shedding weight. Snacking with items which are off limits will lead to complete failure of the diet course, leading to depression for the dieter.

    best hcg dropsHCG is not a diet for people with an overenthusiastic approach to things. Everything must be done according to the HCG protocol, nothing less nothing more. If someone decides to maintain a 400 calorie diet instead of a 500 calorie one, it will lead to disastrous results. The dieter will become weak and will be prone to diseases. He will not have the inner strength to sustain the effects of best hcg drops on the dieter’s body. He will become disillusioned with the benefits of the plan and might take the harsh step of quitting the diet plan. Once the dieter quits the plan, the lost weight will be regained in a very haphazard manner leading to further complications. As the metabolic rate is decreased by HCG, it causes a huge dumping of unwanted particles in the body.

    Every person suffering with overweight is always on the lookout for the easiest way to reduce one’s bodyweight. HCG is one such method, which takes least efforts from the user and produces the maximum possible benefits. HCG which stands for Human Chronic Gonadotropin, is a hormone found in pregnant women. HCG, which is secreted by placenta, is the main cog in the functional process of HCG diet plan. HCG controls the metabolic activity of the entire body. , Metabolic rate is manipulated in order to help the dieter reduce the overweight present in the body. Dr. Simeons, who proposed the HCG therapy, used the changing metabolic rate to induce weight loss in the user’s body; without allowing the health of the subject to deteriorate. He developed two methods to introduce HCG into the body (drops and shots) along with a special diet to supplement the HCG functionality.

    The diet plan of a HCG therapy is very simple. The person undergoing the diet (dieter) needs to choose the method of administering the hormone into the body. If the dieter decides to go with an injection, a shot of 125 IU of HCG is administered daily to the dieter. If the dieter decides on drops, the daily dosage will depend on the total weight to be lost by the dieter. A dieter, who opts for a basic program, will target a weight loss of 5 to 14 pounds. In a similar fashion, a standard program and an ultimate program have a maximum limit of 30 and 45 pounds respectively. The dosage is accordingly varied from 0.4 ml to 0.5 ml. The dieter is provided with the dosage thrice a day.

  • How to Calculate Costs for PCB Assembly

    Posted on December 26th, 2014 Gretchen Hill No comments

    Assembling printed circuit boards is not cheap. You need to spend a considerable sum of money to conduct the PCB assembly process. If you do not want to go overboard with your budget, see to it that you consider these very important factors. Keep in mind that these factors may vary depending on your location. The costs of labor and certain materials, for instance, may vary from one region to another.

    When it comes to labor costs, you should consider the location where your printed circuit boards are being assembled. Take note that PCB assembly does not merely require an automated process; it also requires human interaction. Cheaper labor costs mean lower total costs. If you want to save money on labor, you should consider setting up your printed circuit board manufacturing company in an area where the general cost of labor is not that high.

    Pcb assemblyFor instance, PCB assembly in North America is typically three to four times more expensive than PCB assembly in Asia. This is because more people who are skilled in assembling printed circuit boards can be found in Asia. While the cost of labor in Asian countries has drastically increased recently, that is still relatively cheaper compared to the cost of labor in North American and European countries.

    In fact, the cost of labor in North America is double the cost of labor in China. Assembling ten pieces of two-layer boards will just cost around $540 in China while assembling the same boards will cost over $1000 in North America. Assembling a thousand pieces of two-layer boards will only cost around $20,000 in China while assembling the same quantity of boards will cost around twice as much in North America.

    Nonetheless, even though the cost of labor in Asian countries is low, companies still encounter certain problems such as communication delays because of the differences in time zones and shipping charges. Due to these factors, the overall costs of outsourcing printed circuit board assembly to Asian countries increased by ten to twenty percent. Then again, such cost is still cheaper compared to the cost that will be incurred if the printed circuit board assembly is outsourced in North American countries.

    Another factor to consider when calculating costs for PCB assembly is the turnaround time. In general, shorter assembly times mean higher costs. If the printed circuit boards are assembled quickly, their prices may increase by 30% to 200%. If you requested for an expedited assembly, the company may put other existing orders on hold to focus on your order. When this happens, you can expect to pay a higher price, especially if the manufacturer is located far from where you are.

    Of course, you should also consider the quantity. The costs of prototype boards are generally lower than the costs of actual boards. Do not forget that the unit price of assembly is much lower when manufactured in large quantities. A lot of other factors can affect the total costs such as stencil, programming, and initial setup. Some companies no longer charge extra for programming services; hence, it would be prudent to expand your search to include such companies.

    Furthermore, you should consider the technology used and the packaging. Printed circuit boards are usually assembled using through-hole technology and surface mount technology. Of the two, surface mount technology is the less expensive option. When it comes to packaging, electronic components are packaged depending on their parts. For instance, QFNs and BGAs are more expensive to pack due to the electrical connections they have. They also need accurate placements as well as x-ray inspections to check for short circuits and voids between their pins.